The structure at the heart of our counters is fabricated in 304 grade (“food safe”) stainless steel.

This is not the cheapest or easiest method, but is simply the best for strength, dimensional accuracy, ease of cleaning, long life and hygiene.

The parts are cut by laser on CNC programmable machinery.


The function of the counter is to display products to their best advantage, not to display itself…………

So there must be the minimum obstruction to a clear view – customers buy what they can see.

It is crucial to keep counters and glass surfaces clean, so whether lift-up or tilt down front glass, our systems are designed to make cleaning easy. End glasses, top glasses and shelves can all be removed for cleaning.

Support systems are aluminium and can be finished in a variety of colours to suit the design.


We completely build up and test each display in our workshops.

It is then dismantled only enough for delivery – this means that time on site is minimised and you can be up and running in the shortest possible time.

The engineer who builds each counter will also install it on site, so is intimately aware of how it goes together.


Lighting solutions

The correct colour and amount of lighting makes all the difference to product visibility.

With LED technology, lighting is unobtrusive, provides much more even lighting, is safer (12v not 240v), longer-lasting, and emits minimal heat, so shelves stay cool and the refrigeration system does not have to remove the heat formerly produced by fluorescent fittings.

Lower running costs and greater energy efficiency of LEDs are making fluorescent tubes obsolete for display lighting.